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‘Big Gay Rainbow’ NZ MP advises Australia about gay marriage

‘Big Gay Rainbow’ NZ MP advises Australia about gay marriage

The New Zealand MP who shot to international fame when he spoke about a ‘big gay rainbow’ over his electorate on the day parliament passed same-sex marriage law has written a column advising Australia to ‘be ye not afraid’ of gay marriage.

In a piece for Maurice Williamson said he received hate mail over his support for gay marriage, including one from a man who said he ‘hoped my family would get AIDS and die’.

But in all the correspondence the long-serving MP got opposing marriage equality there was ‘not one credible argument about how allowing gay marriage would affect my marriage or theirs’.

Williamson wrote that ‘change is coming’ and that gay marriage is ‘inevitable’.

‘You would think the way some people have been carrying on that politicians the world over are trying to make gay marriage compulsory,’ said the National Party MP.

‘All gay marriage does is allow consenting gay couples to get married. That’s it. I would say to the countries yet to have the gay marriage debate: Be Ye Not Afraid.’

Williamson’s pro-gay-marriage speech to parliament on 17 April, the day that New Zealand passed marriage equality law, went viral.

It attracted the attention of Ellen Degeneres who invited Williamson to appear on her chat show, but the arrangements for his appearance fell-through.