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‘Big gay rainbow’ NZ MP won’t appear on Ellen show

‘Big gay rainbow’ NZ MP won’t appear on Ellen show

The New Zealand MP who shot to international fame when his humorous speech in support of gay marriage went viral will no longer appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Maurice Williamson, who has been an MP for the conservative National party since 1987, was invited on the American afternoon talkshow after his speech caught the attention of producers. In it, he said New Zealand’s gay marriage bill was sure to pass because he saw a ‘big gay rainbow’ over this electorate that morning.

A publicist for the show presented by American’s most-loved lesbian confirmed to the New Zealand Herald yesterday that Williamson would not be appearing on the show.

‘Ellen did love Maurice’s speech but due to the show ending its season we were not able to make it work out logistically,’ said the publicist. The current run of the Ellen DeGeneres Show will end on 23 May and it won’t start shooting again until September.

Wiliamson said he wasn’t disappointed to be dropped from the show. ‘It wasn’t anything I’d ever wanted specifically,’ he said, adding that it could be ‘the greatest example in the world of the law of unintended consequences’.

Last week Williamson said he was hesitating about appearing on the light-hearted chat-show because they wanted him to do a dance.

Watch Williamson’s ‘big gay rainbow’ speech here: