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Bigot who allegedly knocked two gay men unconscious turns himself in

Bigot who allegedly knocked two gay men unconscious turns himself in

The man later identified as Brandon McNamara caught on surveillance video after knocking two men unconscious.

A man who knocked two gay guys unconscious has turned himself in yesterday (26 September).

Brandon McNamara, 25, attacked two gay men in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on 24 September.

He knocked two men unconscious

He called them ‘faggots’ before knocking them unconscious, according to police and witnesses. The two were walking from the Metropolitan Bar in Brooklyn when McNamara assaulted them.

Doctors at Bellevue hospital treated the two men for the fractures sustained in the assault.

Police were looking for the man after he was caught fleeing the scene on a surveillance video.

Surprisingly, McNamara turned himself in at the Seventh Precinct, home to the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force, around 8am on Wednesday with his lawyer.

Police charged McNamara with multiple offenses. Assault as a hate crime, two counts of assault, aggravated harassment as a hate crime and harassment as a hate crime in the first and second degrees.

His company suspended him

A senior consultant at Ernst & Young, McNamara has now been suspended from the company ‘pending the active investigation of this matter’.

‘The alleged conduct is abhorrent to all EY stands for including our culture of diversity and inclusion. We refer all inquiries to the local authorities,’ a spokesperson for the company also told the New York Post.

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