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Bill Nighy: ‘Pride is one of the best jobs I ever had’

Bill Nighy: ‘Pride is one of the best jobs I ever had’

Bill Nighy has called Pride one of the best jobs he has ever had.

The British actor plays a gay Welshman in a mining community during the 1980s strikes in the hit film.

‘Pride is one of the best jobs I ever had, and that’s not PR. That’s the absolute truth. When I read the script, it made me laugh from start to finish, and it’s also about a couple of things which are very close to my heart and probably close to anyone’s heart of my vintage, as they say in magazines,’ he said.

‘One of them would be the emancipation of gay men and women in my lifetime, and this film portrays a very important part of gay history. And then the miners strike, which was like a huge scandal. It was like a civil war in our country, and it was largely misreported at the time.

‘So it’s refreshing to have a little bit of the truth about these decent men and women working in the mining communities who were assaulted by the authorities, and this film treats them with upmost dignity and respect.’

Nighy told Buzzfeed that he thinks of the film of a ‘beautiful expression of…how prejudice doesn’t survive proximity’.

‘I loved playing this part. Again, he was a quiet, decent man, and he was instrumental in bringing this whole thing together,’ he added.

‘I did think at one point that I’d reached an age where I could only play men from other dimensions. But it turns out not to be true. It turns out that I can on occasion play regular human beings, which is very refreshing.’

Pride is out now in the UK. The film will open in US theaters on 26 September.