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Billy Crystal doesn’t understand flap over his comments that gay scenes on TV go too far

Billy Crystal doesn’t understand flap over his comments that gay scenes on TV go too far

Billy Crystal has expounded on his recent comments that some gay sex scenes on television go too far and doesn’t seem to understand what the fuss is all about.

Crystal,  while promoting his new series The Comedians, had said: ‘Sometimes, it’s just pushing it a little too far for my taste and I’m not going to reveal to you which ones they are. I hope people don’t abuse it and shove it in our face to the point where it feels like an everyday kind of thing.’

He later elaborated when asked about his comments by xfinity TV Blog: ‘First of all, I don’t understand why there would be anything offensive that I said. When it gets too far either visually…now, that world exists because it does for the hetero world, it exists, and I don’t want to see that either.

‘But when I feel it’s a cause, when I feel it’s “You’re going to like my lifestyle,” no matter what it is, I’m going to have a problem and there were a couple of shows I went ‘I couldn’t watch that with somebody else.” That’s fine. If whoever writes it or produces it…totally get it. It’s all about personal taste.’

Crystal, 66, first came to fame in the 1970s for playing the gay character of Jodie Dallas on the ABC sitcom Soap. He believes this gives him some unique insight into the situation.

‘I expressed an opinion as a viewer as somebody who had a little bit of proprietary interest on two levels. One, as someone who is a heterosexual man but stood up for the gay community back in 1977. It wasn’t perfect when we started, that wasn’t my doing, we then kept writing and writing and making him a real person in the truest sense of the word and that his gayness was just a part of who he was and people loved that character and it was well earned by the time we wrapped.

‘So I was looking at it as that going hmmmm….I feel a little that in this particular instance, I don’t think it was doing the gay community a service, in my opinion because it was just too much for me. There’s no controversy. I didn’t call up the showrunner and go "what the f**k are you doing?" I didn’t write a nasty post or tweet. I stayed out of it and maybe I shouldn’t have said anything today. And then as a parent and grandparent and a father, I have responsibilities to other people to what you watch.’