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Billy Eichner is starring in a romantic comedy, bless us all

Billy Eichner is starring in a romantic comedy, bless us all

Billy Eichner

Actor and comedian Billy Eichner is granting the wish of many LGBTI romantic comedy fans across the world.

Deadline reports that Eichner is teaming with director Nick Stoll on a new movie.

The upcoming rom-con will center on two men with committment issues attempting a relationship with one another.

Not only with Eichner co-star in the film, he will also be penning the script.

Stoll is co-producing the film alongside Judd Apatow’s Apatow Productions banner.

There is a considerable lack of diverse mainstream rom-coms out of Hollywood. Most center around straight, white couples with limited diversity in its surrounding cast.

This is part of why Crazy Rich Asians was so exciting, as well as its subsequent success. Perhaps Eichner will give LGBTI audiences the same thing.

Eichner is best known for his reality comedy series, Billy on the Street, and his role as the emotional, prone-to-yelling Craig on Parks and Recreation. He is currently starring in the second season of the Netflix series Friends from College, and was recently seen in the last two seasons of American Horror Story.

This summer, audiences will him hear him as the voice of Timon Disney’s CGI remake of The Lion King (alongside Beyoncé).

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