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American Horror Story’s Billy Porter: I was groomed and raped by my stepdad

American Horror Story’s Billy Porter: I was groomed and raped by my stepdad

Billy Porter

Billy Porter wrote a shocking opinion piece about previous sexual abuse, perpetrated by his stepdad.

The American Horror Story star detailed the abuse and published it on Out.

‘There were no words at first,’ Porter wrote. ‘But then he began cuddling me. Spooning me. Innocent enough, right?’

Porter continued: ‘To groom me, StepDaddy introduced me to porn, starting with the softer side of Playboy Playmates then quickly escalating to the more hardcore Hustler magazine. After a time, he asked me which pictures I liked the best.

‘Cut to a year later with my 250 pound stepfather fucking my face with his uncut, coke-can-girthed cock,’ he wrote.

Porter was about nine years old when the sexual abuse began. For about four years, his stepfather groomed him into sex.

Porter continued: ‘I was born gay and he knew it. He knew I would respond favorably to the sex, because sex is pleasurable, sex feels good.

‘Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I asked for it. Actually. I did ask for it.

‘By year three, we were making booty call dates over morning breakfast, in code and playing footsies under the table before I skipped off to catch the bus to middle school,’ he said.


But the truth came out after Billy Porter told his mother of the sexual abuse. She believed him straight away and then set up a confrontation with Porter and his stepfather.

During the confrontation, his stepfather said: ‘I didn’t do anything to that boy. I didn’t do anything… he… he didn’t already have coming to him!

‘I told you there was something wrong with him. Something ain’t right with him in the head. I… I can’t believe this. That’s a lie. It’s a lie. He’s lying,’ Porter’s stepdad said.

Billy Porter moved out a month later and only ever saw his stepfather once after that day – on his stepdad’s death bed.

Porter decided to share his story in light of the allegations against Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

He wrote at the end of the article: ‘VOTE, BITCHES!!! While we still can! It’s the only power we have!’

H/T: Out

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