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Glamorous Pose star Billy Porter shares song telling us to ‘love the pain away’

Glamorous Pose star Billy Porter shares song telling us to ‘love the pain away’

Billy Porter

After making our jaw drops on the Golden Globes red carpet, Pose actor Billy Porter isn’t done.

Working with Michael Korte, Porter stars in a new music video of his song Love the Pain Away. The video appears as part of Korte’s One Take project.

This project features artists performing their songs and music in a single take.

Korte, who’s best known for his Hamilton and Beyoncé mashup, is a YouTube sensation, and intoxicating performer. One of his most recent performances was dancing to a queer song in a church.

This video, showing Porter recording the song in a studio with backup singers, is gorgeous and heartfelt.

As Porter explains at the start of the video, he first wrote the song after the Columbine mass shooting.

‘I came across it a couple months ago,’ he says. ‘I realized that the sentiment is still necessary today.’

The idea of loving the pain away is one that’s undoubtedly still relevant today. Between the political upheavals across the globe and a continued trend of discrimination, a message of love is a powerful one.

It is also poignant given the prevalence of mass shootings in the United States still today.

Porter appears on Ryan Murphy’s FX series Pose about the ballroom scene in 1980s New York City. The series made history when it cast the most number of transgender actors in series regular roles ever.

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