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Adorable Insta bunny star hits back at anti-LGBTI fans over rainbow post

Adorable Insta bunny star hits back at anti-LGBTI fans over rainbow post

Bini The Bunny

Pet influencer Bini The Bunny has been criticized for posting a picture in rainbow colors for Pride month.

LA resident Bini is a seven-year-old male Holland Lop rabbit. He’s one of the most followed Instagram pet stars and is known for a series of videos where he paints and plays basketball.

Bini boasts a 100k follower-strong Instagram account. On 7 July he posted a photoshopped picture of himself on his social channels.

‘Sad that a bunny is used (abused?) for such political purposes,’ someone wrote on Facebook.

‘You just politicised a Bunny. I view these pages to get away from that stuff,’ another commented.

‘I just hope it’s not saying you’re okay with HOMOSEXUALITY cause I’m against HOMOSEXUALITY,’ one user wrote.

Bini The Bunny hits back

After the negative backlash, Bini posted a new rainbow picture to hit back at his anti-LGBTI followers.

‘Yesterday I uploaded a photoshopped colorful picture of myself. Surprisingly I received some anti-LGBT hate messages (Why?!). We never post political posts, it was just about a colorful bunny. But for those of you who want to know. This page supports all people of all the colors. True bunny lovers will always support love over hate,’ the post caption reads.

Bini also included some emojis and the hashtag #loveislove.

‘I was surprised to get anti-LGBTI comments on a colorful bunny picture. It was simply an innocent picture without any meaning behind it. But I started to get comments and messages like “Bini we love you but please say you are against homosexuality,”’ said Shai Lighter, Bini’s owner.
‘We usually don’t respond to political arguments, but this time we had to respond and posted a new post on Instagram and Facebook especially for all the haters to see and know that we do support the LGBTI community and don’t tolerate hate and discrimination.
‘We lost some followers because of it, but it’s ok. Most bunny lovers are good, loving people and the majority of our followers supported our post 100%. If there’s some closeted people who see this post they need to know they are supported.
‘Bini the Bunny loves to paint colorful paintings so he’s a great ambassador to the LGBTI community.

Bini The Bunny wants to meet Ellen

The cute bunny also wrote an adorable letter to Ellen DeGeneres, asking her to appear on her show. Bini listed ten reasons why the lesbian TV host should want to meet him.

Here are the reasons Bini provided:

  • We’re destined to be together – My top autocomplete result on Youtube for some reason is Bini the Bunny on Ellen (foreshadow?)
  • We both hold Guinness World Records- I broke the record for most slam dunks in a minute by a rabbit
  • I mention you all the time in my videos and I really want you to finally know it
  • We’re both actors – I even starred in the rabbit version of Home Alone and I had so much fun
  • We’re both vegans. There’s nothing like delicious vegetables for dinner
  • You shared my videos on your awesome EllenTube a few times- so you already like me
  • We both like to prank people – they never see it coming
  • We also both like to make people happy. Especially kids
  • We both love Nemo. In fact, I can’t leave the house without him
  • I proved to the world that rabbits are very intelligent, and people should respect them and give them more attention

And now we can add an eleventh to the list: Bini is an LGBTI ally. It doesn’t get any better than this, Ellen.

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