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WATCH: Four bisexuals are left shook after Sex and the City biphobia

Celebrate #BiVisibilityDay and find out why we hate Carrie Bradshaw now

WATCH: Four bisexuals are left shook after Sex and the City biphobia
Daisy, Corry, Fiona and Lewis were far from impressed

In honour of #BiVisibilityDay, we four bisexuals a biphobic Sex and the City clip.

Lewis, Corry, Daisy and Fiona were left visibly angry and uncomfortable after watching the video.

Fiona started the episode by explaining she doesn’t hate Sex and the City so was confused as to why she was being shown it.

It shows Carrie Bradshaw sitting down with her friends after finding out the guy is bisexual.

The way they reacted ticked every box when it comes to biphobia.

‘This is all the problems, right there’

The video shocked Lewis. He explained: ‘This is where it all went wrong! Everyone was watching this show!

‘If they’d have done it in a good way, it would have changed so many things.’

Daisy agreed, saying: ‘This is all the problems, right there, at the dinner table.’

Everyone was shouting about how much they hated Carrie.

After Charlotte explained she wants people to choose the label of gay or straight, the four were even angrier.

Lewis Oakley is a bisexual activist. Fiona has a popular YouTube channel where she makes videos about everything from her travels around the world to dating as a bisexual woman.

Daisy is a university student who made a documentary tackling biphobia, titled Bi Any Means Necessary.

Corry is also a university student who is active in the queer Twitter community.

Watch the hilarious reaction video below.

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