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Birds Eye breaks deal with Mumsnet for anti-trans posts

Birds Eye breaks deal with Mumsnet for anti-trans posts

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While shopping for chicken nuggets for her trans daughter, a British mom spotted something that shocked her.

Dr Jan Birley spotted the popular Birds Eye brand chicken nuggets. But she soon felt repulsed when she spotted the ‘Mumsnet rated’ badge on the packet. Birds Eye is the UK’s leading frozen food brand

‘I will not support any product or company that has any association with transphobia (or, indeed, any kind of discrimination),’ Birley told Gay Star News.

What is Mumsnet?

Mumsnet is a popular parenting forum in the UK. It has recently become notorious for anti-trans posts and endorsing transphobic views.

Birley, a published author under the pseudonym, Josie King, decided to do something about it.

‘My views on this are so strong, that I wrote to the complaints department of Birds Eye to express my views that I felt it unacceptable that they used, visibly in their packaging, the name of a forum that is known to actively allow transphobic threads,’ she said.

‘The reply I, initially, received from one of the marketing representatives at Birds Eye was wholly unacceptable, so I wrote to the CEO.’

Birley decided to act because she believed the Mumsnet badge on the packaging sent a clear message. That message according to Birley was ‘not only do they not support trans people but, in fact, they support the anti-trans lobby that is trying so hard to deprive them of the support and care that they actually need’.

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Jan Birley and her daughter | Photo: Amanda Searle from the ‘Transparent Love’ series

‘No company should associate itself with an organisation, brand or online forum that promotes and allows any kind of marginalisation of a minority group of our society,’ Birley said.

‘Trans kids and adults have a huge mountain of a challenge to face when, in fact, they only want to live their life in peace, with the support they need.’

A win for the trans community

After reaching out to Birds Eye’s CEO, Birley received a reply saying the commercial arrangement with Mumsnet had ended. Birds Eye would also start working to remove Mumsnet references from their packaging.

‘I was delighted to receive the response on behalf of the CEO. It showed that he took my concerns seriously,’ Birley said.

‘The decision to remove the association with Mumsnet had clearly been decided months before I wrote my letter of complaint, that wasn’t widely known, so this response has allowed me to share that widely with people in my network.’

Birley said her role as mom of a trans daughter is to ‘support her in every way I can’.

‘I am the proud mum of three beautiful children. My youngest daughter, who is 19, is transgender. I love all 3 of my children unconditionally,’ she said.

Gay Star News reached out to Birds Eye for comment but did not receive a response.