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Birmingham anti-LGBTI protesters turn up outside Nottingham primary school

Birmingham anti-LGBTI protesters turn up outside Nottingham primary school

Pride flag

Anti-LGBTI protesters descended by the dozen onto a primary school in Nottingham, UK, simply because of its inclusive lessons.

Teachers at Fernwood Primary School in Nottingham staged a counter-protest as a result, Pride flags in hand.

But the homophobic protesters also include Amir Ahmed, who has for months organized anti-LGBTI protests across school in Birmingham.

What’s happening?

A primary school in Birmingham, in the west midlands, has been at the core of a growing row among Islamic groups, lawmakers, and LGBTI activists for months.

Parkfield Community School in Alum Rock announced its ‘No Outsiders’ pro-LGBTI curriculum, school-leaders quickly found a foe in the form of Ahmed.

But when a nearby primary, Anderton Park School in Sparkhill, dropped its own pro-LGBTI program, Ahmed joined two others in leading protests against it all.

Months since the first protests spiked, Ahmed is now leading a third wave of protests against the primary in Nottingham.

This is despite him having no children who attend the school.

According to Nottinghamshire Live, the planned protests were first publicly discussed on Facebook.

Word quickly spread, and local police made aware of the group’s intention to protest in advance.

Anti-LGBTI protester: ‘I have nothing but love’ for the community 

Nottingham City Council leader, David Mellen described the protest as ‘worrying and alarming’ and said he urged parents to not listen to the ‘misinformation’ from the group.

When interviewed by the paper, Ahmed claimed he has ‘nothing but love’ for the counter-protesters and the LGBTi community.

However, he then added that he feels LGBTI relationships should be taught at a later age in schools.

‘They’ve picked the wrong school’

The Nottingham Primary is not set to break-up for the summer until Friday.

In photographs of the two protests on Twitter, teachers and parents can be seen waving flags in front of a unisex hair salon a mini-mart.

One parent told SkyNews: ‘They’ve picked the wrong school.’

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