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Birmingham school at center of LGBTI row ‘sent chilling death threat’

Birmingham school at center of LGBTI row ‘sent chilling death threat’

Anti LGBTI lessons protestors outside Parkfield School (Photo: Twitter) court

The teacher at the center of an LGBTI lessons row in Birmingham, UK, received death threats and other ‘nasty’ messages.

Andrew Moffat, of Parkfield Community School, Birmingham, was told ‘You won’t last long,’ according to Sky News.

A plethora of homophobic parents protested against the assistant headteacher’s No Outsiders lesson program. Which sought to embrace an LGBTI-inclusive curriculum.

What did the letters say?

Anonymous individuals sent Moffat a series of notes and letters. He told Sky News: ‘There have been some very difficult messages to receive.’

‘I have had some very nasty messages and letters, I had a message say “You won’t last long.”

‘I suppose you could say that is a death threat. You could look at it like that.’

Why are people sending him death threats?

The No Outsiders program sparked a school boycott and parents withdrawing pupils from classes.

However, this was all over a curriculum that is anti-bullying and LGBTI-inclusive.

But despite support from for the program from the UK education secretary, the education watchdog Ofsted, and local politicians, Parkfield suspended it.

This was as a result of the disruption and negative effect the protests had on pupils.

Moreover, the PSHE teacher added: ‘In Britain today, schools have got to find a way to tackle that rise in hate.’

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