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Bisexual actor Mara Wilson ‘slam dunks’ IT Crowd creator for trans comments

Bisexual actor Mara Wilson ‘slam dunks’ IT Crowd creator for trans comments

Actress Mara Wilson has just shut down mansplaining by the creator of IT Crowd who called her a Scientologist because of her opinion.

Wilson who starred in Matilda decided to weigh on a debate on Twitter about trans women and the controversial opinion that their existence erases cisgendered lesbians.

One person who shares that view is Graham Lineham, creator of iconic TV shows the IT Crowd, Black Books and Father Ted. The IT Crowd about a team of IT help desk technicians in an office became famous for their often repeated tech advice: ‘have you tried turning it off and on again?’.

Twitter debate

He’s been on Twitter all day debating people about the issue. He replied to Wilson who had criticized gay writer, Skylar Baker-Jordan for an opinion piece he wrote about trans women. Wilson suggested Baker-Jordan shouldn’t be writing about the issue because he was a cisgendered man.

‘and Mara, do we have to be effected by an issue to comment on it? That’s a basic tenet of progressivism, isn’t it, that we do not? And anyway, how does erasing the reality of homsexuality (sic) NOT effect him?’ Lineham wrote to Twitter.

Then they really got into it.

‘Yep. The bottom line is that I just don’t think that consistently going after transgender people, one of the most vulnerable populations in the world, is a positive, ethical, progressive thing to do,’ Wilson replied.

But then Lineham escalated the conversation questioning what was ‘wrong’ with Wilson.

‘once again, I’m going after a regressive ideology that says the guy talking about forcing a woman’s head into a dog bowl full of piss is the same sex as my wife and daughter. What is WRONG with you?’ he wrote.

To which Wilson replied:’And I highly doubt you, Mr. Linehan, (or the people railing against me for suggesting that calling transgender people “mentally ill” implies that mentally ill and transgender people both are to be subjugated and ostracized) are going to change my mind on this.’

Lineham had a bit of a meltdown after that accusing the people in the discussion of ignoring his point.

‘Yer a bunch of scientologists,’ he bizarrely wrote.

But then Wilson came out with a gold medal winning reply.

‘Graham have you considered turning yourself off and on again,’ she told Lineham on Twitter.

Nicely played, Wilson.

Read the exchange here: