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Bisexual Conservative 21-year-old wins party approval to stand as MP

Bisexual Conservative 21-year-old wins party approval to stand as MP

Elena Bunbury is a 21-year-old bisexual hoping to run in the next UK general elections

A 21-year-old bisexual Conservative staffer has been approved by the party to stand for them as a parliamentary candidate.

Elena Bunbury, a councilor in West Yorkshire, northeast England, was given the green light to stand for the blue tie party.

She’s been involved in UK politics since college.

What did she say?

Bunbury is on track to become one of the youngest ever MPs to take their seat on the green House of Common’s benches.

She is reportedly searching for a constituency to represent. As she tweeted on 11 May: ‘Let the hard work begin!’

Delighted to announce that I have passed my Parliamentary Assesment Board. Let the hard work begin!— Elena Bunbury (@elena_bunbury) May 11, 2019

The University of Central Lancashire graduate is entering a UK political scene ground in a deadlock.

As an unanticipated European election season kicks-off, the nation has splintered into newly formed fringe parties, such as the Brexit Party and the Independent Party.

Likewise, the local elections were a theatre in the scrambling attitudes the public have towards politics. Huge shifts away from the big parties were felt, as independent councillors gained more than 300 seats.

‘People need to stop focusing on age’

But Bunbury is optimistic. She registered her interest in standing as a parliamentary candidate for the Conservatives when she was studying for a degree in adventure sports coaching.

Speaking to the MailOnline, she said: ‘I feel that a lot of people have connotations with ability and age.

‘I was a young carer when I was 11. People need to stop focusing on age and look at what people have actually done.

‘I completely accept that people will say that being an MP, you have to have life experience. But you don’t need to have done absolutely everything.

‘You just have to be an advocate for your constituents.’

Bunbury’s political background

Her résumé includes organizing telephone canvassing sessions in the party’s headquarters. Moreover, she is currently working under a Conservative MP in London.

Also, she is head of communications at 1828 UK, and is VC Communications at LGBT Conservatives.

Moreover, colleagues asked her to sit the Parliamentary Assessment Board, which vets prospective candidates, only a few months ago.

The board approved her. However, this is not an automatic entry into the running. Bunbury must seek the support of a local constituency association to contest that seat.

But the next general election is not until 2022. However, some politicians are pushing a snap election as a remedy to the Brexit deadlock in the bloc.

Bunbury herself is a staunch believer in the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

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