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Bi+ Manifesto: What you can do to help bi equality

Bi+ Manifesto: What you can do to help bi equality

Bisexual Manifesto | Photo: GSN

The Bi+ Manifesto calls on organizations all over the world to do better by bi people.

Bisexual people from all over the world pulled together to create the manifesto of eight points.

The Bi+ Manifesto shows people how to be better bi allies and asks them to help spread the message.

Bisexual+ is the umbrella term for those who identity as bisexual, pansexual and queer.

The aim is to increase visibility and by doing so, bring an end to bi erasure and biphobia.

One point specifically calls on LGBT organizations to think about the B ‘as well as L, G and T.’

It continues: ‘Businesses, charities and other organizations should count and consider bisexual identities in the same way they would other diverse groups.’

Gay Star News will publish a series of bi content over the next two weeks in support of the manifesto.

Tris Reid-Smith is the Gay Star News Editor. He said: ‘Statistically the majority of people in our LGBTI community will be part of the B. But you wouldn’t know it. They are overlooked by media, government, businesses, charities and organizations – even LGBTI ones.

‘With more and more young people saying they are neither gay or straight, the time to talk about this is now. Our group of 160 bi+ advisors have helped us craft the Bi+ Manifesto and a fascinating series of articles and videos to look at this in more depth.

‘I hope the Bi+ Manifesto will be the start of a long discussion and far more visibility for bi, pan, queer and other non-mono sexualities around the world.’

A bisexual manifesto was last published in 1990. Unfortunately, issues highlighted in that manifesto remain issues in society today.

Biphobia and erasure is as prevalent as ever.

The third manifesto point calls out bisexual erasure directly. It reminds people ‘dating someone of the same sex does not necessarily make someone gay.’

Other points discuss the importance of making sure there are health services that address the specific needs of bi people, and how the every part of the entertainment industry needs to better their bi representation.

Find the Bi+ Manifesto below

The Bi+ Manifesto