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Bisexual Jamaican denied UK asylum over ‘dishonest sexuality’

Bisexual Jamaican denied UK asylum over ‘dishonest sexuality’

A bisexual Jamaican man is being denied asylum in the UK over his ‘dishonest sexuality’.

Orashia Edwards, 32, lost his lengthy legal battle with the United Kingdom’s Home Office yesterday.

The court concluded Edwards was ‘dishonest’ about his sexuality, not believing he was actually bisexual. They have given no reason to claim he was lying about his sexuality.

He is scheduled for deportation from the UK to Jamaica on 2 July.

‘What they are doing is they are sending my son to die, and I will never forgive them for that,’ Edwards’ tearful mother told

‘I will never forgive this government for that.’

Edwards has been living in Leeds for the past 14 years.

Outside the courtroom, he said he would ‘prefer to be a dead man than get on a flight to die. I have nowhere to go’.

Leeds for Change, an organization campaigning on behalf of LGBTI asylum seekers, successfully got a flight cancelled that was meant to deport Edwards last January.

The group said it was ‘appalled by the Judge’s decision today which leaves our friend Orashia Edwards at risk of deportation to Jamaica where his life will be in grave danger’.

The organization alleges the Home Office decision behind who is granted asylum have been prejudiced.

Orashia is one of the 98-99% of LGB asylum seekers whose claims are rejected by the Home Office and who face being returned to the threat of homophobic violence,’ they note.

‘This shows systematic discrimination when compared with 76% refusal of all applications, and points to the need for a total overhaul of Home Office procedure in deciding these claims.’

Some activists also say the Home Office finds it difficult to grant bisexual people asylum, saying there is an attitude that they could ‘pass’ in their home country .

The Home Office has denied claims its asylum decisions are prejudiced.