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This bi woman was yelled awful slurs at on her way to Pride in London

This bi woman was yelled awful slurs at on her way to Pride in London

Kelsey Ellison at Pride in London 2019

Pride in London celebrated how far the community has come over the last 50 years with an inclusive parade on 6 July.

However, despite the festive atmosphere, homophobes, biphobes and transphobes were still at large, trying to ruin the day for Pridegoers.

That’s what happened to Kelsey Ellison. The openly bisexual influencer has been verbally abused on her way to the parade.

She was riding a bus in London when two people on the top deck with her started to yell slurs. Ellison then recorded the incident on camera and posted it on her Twitter page.

Slurs on my way to Pride in London

While the two people sitting in the back were shouting slurs at Ellison, she managed to stay calm.

‘I love you,’ Ellison replied defiantly.

‘They’re so scared of me! It’s so funny, all I’m doing is being glittery!’ she added.

Ellison has started to gain a huge Twitter following after last year’s Pride in London, where she performed a voguing routine dressed up as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter saga.

‘We hate gays’

‘I got on the bus and decided to go upstairs as it was pretty busy. I was standing out a lot and actually tried to go upstairs to avoid any stares from people,’ Ellison said, recalling the day for GSN.

She added: ‘I sat down and they asked me if I was going to pride. I just said yes and put my earphones in. However, I could hear them shouting homophobic things to me such as “Are you a lesbian ewww” and “We hate gays!”‘

That’s when Ellison decided she wouldn’t stay silent.

‘After a while, I decided to take my phone out in retaliation and film what I put online. After that, I told them I have a following online, and good luck with that and went downstairs.’

‘To be safe, I actually made the video blurry because I didn’t know their age, they could have easily been over or under 16 it was hard to tell.’

This isn’t the first time Ellison has experienced anti-LGBTI verbal abuse on her way to Pride.

‘Last year I got dirty glances and tutting. This year it was this what I experienced. Out of Pride, I guess I am straight passing so I get it nowhere near as much. Usually, I am in a safe space with my queer or supporting friends.’

Anti-LGBTI abuse at Pride in London

Luckily, this incident didn’t seem to have ruined Ellison’s mood and she was still able to enjoy Pride in London.

While this incident didn’t escalate to physical violence, its setting is eerily similar to that of the shocking attack to a same-sex couple.

Melania Geymonat was riding the bus with her girlfriend Chris when the pair were attacked by a group of men in May 2019.

The men started harassing them and asked them to kiss while describing sexual positions. The incident escalated in a fight which left the two women covered in blood.

‘We got to make sure that there is zero tolerance towards any form of hate towards the LGBTI community. Not just violence, but also hateful language,’ Khan told GSN during Pride in London this year.

‘We’ve seen across the world the rise of far-right movements from America to Hungary, from Italy to France and here in the UK as well. We have to make sure we just don’t talk the talk, we need to walk the walk too.’

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