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Bisexual people are the most likely to be liberal, new study finds

Bisexual people are the most likely to be liberal, new study finds

Young people wearing bisexual, transgender and rainbow flags

A new study found bisexual people – especially women – are the most likely to be politically liberal.

University of Oklahoma sociologist Meredith Worthen published her findings in the Sexuality Research and Social Policy journal today (6 December).

She titled the study: ‘All the Gays Are Liberal?

It takes a deep dive into the political ideologies of gay, lesbian, bisexual, ‘mostly heterosexual’ and exclusively heterosexual people. She gathered political perspectives from all of these sexualities from college students in the southern United States.

The bi+ group at Perth Pride.
The bi+ group marching at Perth Pride. | Photo: Lisa Max

Worthen confirmed a huge gap between exclusively heterosexual people and all other sexualities.

Her research then concluded bisexual people are more liberal than gay and lesbian people.

LGB people more likely to care about social justice

Worthen said: ‘This study fills the gaps in the research, expands our knowledge about sexuality and gender gaps in political attitudes and contributes to new ways of thinking about the perspectives of mostly heterosexual and lesbian, gay and bisexual people.’

She then added: ‘This study works toward a deeper understanding of ways college students can promote political change and advocate for social justice.’

Worthen also said the ‘mostly heterosexual’ group of people are a growing and visible group on college campuses.

She says accounting for this group of people fills a gap in the existing literature in this area.

The study then confirms lesbian, gay, bisexual and ‘mostly heterosexual’ people are more likely to care about social justice issues than exclusively heterosexual people.

Worthen says exclusively heterosexual people are ‘significantly less liberal’ than all other sexualities.

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