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WATCH: Bi YouTubers give us the ‘bisexual guide to safe sex’

WATCH: Bi YouTubers give us the ‘bisexual guide to safe sex’

The sisters are both bisexual and talk safe sex

Two bisexual YouTubers have collaborated to educate fellow bisexual people on safe sex.

Melanie Murphy and her sister Jessie B teamed up for this latest video.

The YouTubes explain it wasn’t until recently they discovered women could catch STIs while having sex with another woman.

They also explain both of them have experiences of practicing safe sex in a relationship and while single.

The video starts with a discussion surrounding contraceptive pill options for women.

They remind viewers a pill only protects you against pregnancy and not STIs.

Melanie Murphy mentions a method of protection for sex between women comes in the form of dental dams.

The Irish women also point out that STI checks cost €90 ($106) and so people will want to avoid needing one.

Watch the video below.

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