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Bisexual tattoo artist creates piece as an homage to murdered trans women

Bisexual tattoo artist creates piece as an homage to murdered trans women

Cobra Lightning tattoos at 9MAG in Chicago, Illinois

A bisexual tattoo artist has created a piece dedicated to murdered trans women.

Cobra Lightning works at 9Mag Tattoo in Chicago, Illinois.

The studio is currently the focal point of a VH1 TV series, Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

The show documented the process of the tattoo, which in honor of all trans women who have lost their lives.

Human Rights Campaign reports 23 trans people have been murdered so far in 2017.

Cobra explained in an interview with Advocate, doing the tattoo was ‘more than just shooting a scene.’

The tattoo design is of woman’s face crying tears of blood and is said to represent the lives lost. There is tape over the woman’s mouth, which is to represent the silence around these horrible deaths.

‘It’s time for people to say enough is enough’

She told Advocate: ‘The guy who I gave the tattoo he wanted to convey through art an image of a group of people that are being murdered and the silence.

‘Filming that scene was truly emotional for me. Because I knew how much the LGBTQ community means to both of us.

‘It’s my hope that through that tattoo it shows that there are people out here who will be the voice for so many who feel that they don’t have the voice to speak up for themselves. I will never forget the people who have suffered and continue to suffer in silence.’

The tattoo artist then explained the tattoo was also a dedication to her adoptive brother who ‘took his own life because I don’t think he could go through his transformation in public.’

Cobra has worked in a gay community before and so has experienced first hand ‘the way people try to downgrade the community.’

She explained: ‘It’s time for people to say enough is enough with the discrimination on all levels. That includes our elected officials who are taking away the rights of LGBTQ people.’

Cobra explained when she came out as bisexual ‘it was a process.’

She continued: ‘I will always stand up for what is right and I will be at the forefront for the LGBTQ community. I will always lend my voice on behalf of this community out into the world.’

Watch the clip below.

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