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Bisexual teen commits suicide after years of severe bullying

Bisexual teen commits suicide after years of severe bullying

A bisexual teenager in California has committed suicide after years of bullying.

Adam Kizer, 16, was taken off life support on (30 May) four days after hanging himself with fishing line at his grandmother’s home in Sonoma.

The teen had attempted suicide several times before and suffered from depression and post-traumatic stress caused by years of bullying in and out of school.

When Adam was 9, he was tied to a tree by neighborhood kids in Newcastle, Wyoming and doused in gasoline.

‘They were going to light him on fire,’ his father William Kizer told The Press Democrat.

The bullying continued after the family moved to Sonoma in 2011.

‘I don’t think the boy went a whole week without somebody messing with him,’ he said.

‘They would tell him "You should kill yourself."’

Adam was expelled from school in 2011 after getting into a fight and spent the next two years in the juvenile justice system.

He started high school soon after his return home and came out as bisexual six months ago.

A week before his death, sheriff deputies took Adam for a mental health evaluation after he cut his wrists and face. But he was determined not to be a risk and released.

Teachers at Sonoma Valley High School said there were not aware of the bullying.

William blames the school, the juvenile system and mental health officials for his son’s death and is considering legal action.

Adam played bass guitar in a heavy-metal band, liked wearing skinny jeans and took kickboxing classes.

‘He was my best friend,’ William said. ‘I still can’t believe he’s gone.’