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Bisexual women: Stop thinking of us as greedy whores

Bisexual women: Stop thinking of us as greedy whores

‘You’re just doing it to turn blokes on…’
‘I think you’re really cute but I would never date a bi woman. I just wouldn’t trust you not to cheat.’
‘Don’t you miss women when you’re with a man?’
‘Don’t you miss men when you’re with a woman?’
‘You’re just greedy!’
‘You have to choose one!’

In a world slowly getting its head round homosexuality, bisexuality sadly seems to remain taboo – despite being a lot more common than you might think!

People who wouldn’t dare insult a gay person still find it perfectly acceptable to laugh at bisexuals and fail to take us seriously.

But then, why would they take us seriously? We spend our entire lives wrapped around each other in sweaty, frenzied orgies, after all – that’s why there are no bi people in your workplace. We’re too horny to have jobs. We shag indiscriminately and are incapable of monogamous long-term relationships.

And yet even right in the midst of copulation with one gender we are always still YEARNING for the genitals of the other gender. Right?

Er, wrong actually.

It’s fairly simple, really. Like straight people and gay people, some of us cheat, some of us are poly and some prefer to live alone in an abandoned lighthouse with only a gigantic gin still and 95 cats for company.

Some of us – shock horror – even get married and stay faithful. Bisexual women come in many shapes and sizes. Not just the pumped-­up pneumatic blondes of porn fantasies.

It is just as possible for a bi girl to survive without ever sleeping with anyone else again if she’s fallen for that one special woman or man, as it is for a gay or straight girl.

Just as it is perfectly possible for someone of any sexuality – including straight and gay folk ­ to enjoy a polyamorous or to have casual sex. As long as all parties are able to consent and agree on the ‘rules’, our bodies are there to do whatever we like with.

Straight, gay, bi or alone with a hairbrush thinking about custard. Whatever floats your boat.

Unfortunately the idea that bi people are ­ in all the important ways ­ much like everyone else when it comes to sex and relationships seems very hard for a lot of people to grasp. And that’s why we’ve started Biscuit, a new website for bi women located at This Is Biscuit.

Because we’ve been left out for too long and we are still the subject of derision – particularly from within the gay scene, which is a very sad state of affairs.

The site isn’t just for bi girls though. It’s for everyone. We want a chance to explain ourselves and we’d love it if you’d swing by and listen.

Biphobia is a lose­-lose situation, girls. You could be missing out on some really good lady loving just because you won’t trust us. Seriously ­some of us are smokin’!!