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#BisexualMenExist is trending and the photos are beautiful

#BisexualMenExist is trending and the photos are beautiful

Patrick J Hale and partner.

Bisexual visibility has long been a problem but one bi guy has proved the power to change it is in all our hands.

Vaneet Mehta called for the community to send him photos of bi men to bring some positivity to social media.

He tweeted on @nintendomad888: ‘The biphobia towards bi men recently has been so shit. So I’m bringing back #BisexualMenExist for some much needed positivity! Drop a pic below with the hashtag and retweet this thread!’

Vaneet started the hashtag on Twitter. Twitter

And soon the messages were flooding in, making #BisexualMenExist trend on Twitter.

Mehta later updated: ‘The number of notifications that are coming in every second right now, I cannot keep up! And then there are all the people using #BisexualMenExist as it’s trending, not even realising how it started lmao! It’s taken its own life and I love that!’

More photos keep flooding in but we’ve taken a pick of some of the early comments.

‘Have you SEEN me and my boyfriend?’

Many of the people taking part embraced the fun.

Homie Homo
Homie Homo. Twitter

Homie Homo joked: ‘Oooo existing is fun! #BisexualMenExist.’

Mischa Alexander
Mischa Alexander. Twitter

Meanwhile Mischa Alexander messaged: ‘#BisexualMenExist and we ask for nothing in return except good mood lighting and validation.’

And lots of bi people seized the opportunity to talk about their amazing relationships – with people of all genders.

We used Patrick J Hale’s photo as our lead picture on this article.

He commented: ‘The bi/pan love abounds here. Just a black queer cis guy with his trans non-binary fiancé. Both polyamorous and pansexual.’

Simonotron said: ‘My bisexual girlfriend is very happy that #BisexualMenExist (as am I!)’

Simonotron and partner.
Simonotron and partner. Twitter

And Corbin tweeted: ‘I’m trans masc (in yellow), my partner is cis. we’re both bisexual and cute! #BisexualMenExist.’

Corbin. Twitter

Meanwhile Leah Mountford showed off a photo of her and her husband Will Mountford. She said: ‘I love my bi husband.’

Leah Mountford and husband Will.
Leah Mountford and husband Will. Twitter

And Jammy said: ‘#BisexualMenExist I mean have you SEEN me and my boyfriend?’

Jammy and his boyfriend. Twitter.

‘It kinda hurts that this has to be a thing’

Of course, it’s social media, so some people have gone on the attack. And by doing so, they inadvertently proved why we need to do more about bi visibility.

In fact, bisexual erasure sees bi people eradicating or failing to mention bi people in history, academia, media and society in general. And there are still people who say bisexuality doesn’t exist at all.

However, some supporters did point out it is shame we still have to have this conversation.

Sean tweeted: ‘#BisexualMenExist is trending and I am really conflicted right now. Like, yes, we fucking stan. But at the same time it kinda hurts that this has to be a thing.’

Others pointed out even wider problems the bi community faces.

Quinn Roache tweeted about research by the UK’s Trade Union Congress:

‘One in five bisexual men had experienced unwanted touching at work and one in 10 said they were seriously sexually assaulted or raped at work.’

While John Peart looked back at the National LGBT Survey data. He said:

‘In the survey of more than 100,000 people, only 29.8% of bi respondents said they were open about being LGBT with anyone they lived with.’

Bea Feeling Chaotic
Bea Feeling Chaotic. Twitter

As Twitter user ‘Bea is Feeling Chaotic’ put it:

‘Since coming out as trans I get asked every time I express attraction for anyone if I am sure I’m not just gay or straight. Bi men exist bro. You can’t get rid of us that fast.’

‘Bruh, I’m not just gay’

Others shared that sentiment:

Jordan said: ‘I’m real. I exist. I’m faithful. I matter to more people than I choose to believe. Still, no money in the world or change in time will stop me from making fun of myself.’

Zachary Zane.
Bi influencer Zachary Zane. Twitter

And bisexual influencer Zachary Zane also poked fun at the misguided idea that bisexual people are not faithful in their relationships.

He said: ‘#BisexualMenExist and we’re not slutty and incapable of being monogamous! I, however…’

Meanwhile Roman messaged: ‘Bruh, I’m not just gay. I have a girlfriend who I love very much. How can I be gay if I’m attracted to women too?

‘Are people really trying to argue this? I am bisexual. I like women, I like men, I like non-binary people. I’m attracted to more than one gender.’

‘Toxic masculinity made me deny I was bi’

Weeto. Twitter

For Weeto, one problem is that people think only women are bi.

Weeto commented: ‘#BisexualMenExist because apparently some people forgot about it and think that bi excludes men.’

Wooloo. Twitter

While Twitter user ‘Wooloo Pronouns Alliance’ raised divisions in the LGBT+ community commenting:

‘#BisexualMenExist even if certain “Alliances” keep forgetting the fact.’

Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con. Twitter

And Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con talked about giving people time and space to come out:

‘Well I see that #BisexualMenExist is trending. I’d like to also add that coming out doesn’t always have the path of doing so in your childhood/teens. 

‘Toxic masculinity made me even deny I was bi until 27. Everybody does this at their own pace and there’s no time limit.’

But we’ll give the last word to a couple of Twitter users who posted photos showing you can be yourself and so can your friends.

The wittily-titled Twitter user ‘Practice Homosexualism Occasionally’ shared this pic, saying: ‘Me and my best buddy. We’re both pan.’

Two pan friends.
Practice makes perfect: Two pan friends. Twitter

And Blvckgxld summed it up saying:

‘Be all you choose to be as long as you are not an insecure, impulsive and susceptible.’

Blvckgxld. Twitter