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Bishop of Buckingham supports same-sex marriage

The Rt Revd Dr Alan Wilson also criticised Christian homophobia in a debate at St John's Church, Kidlington

Bishop of Buckingham supports same-sex marriage

The Bishop of Buckingham has shown his support to same-sex marriage.

The Rt Revd Dr Alan Wilson, already known as a supporter for LGBTI rights within the Church of England, gave his support during a debate at St John’s Church in Kidlington concerning marriage equality.

Speaking to worshippers at the church, Dr Wilson said ‘The root of marriage is not sex but companionship.

‘The idea that marriage is about friendship has become extremely powerful in England.’

Dr Wilson also spoke concerning Christian homophobia, saying: ‘One of the really painful things I have had to learn is how the Church can be really bad news to people… God has made us like that. If he wanted to make us another way he would, but he didn’t.’

The message of tolerance was well-received within the church. Stephanie Hobson, a churchgoer, said: ‘I can’t see any reasons there why there should not be gay marriage, why then are so many people against it?’

The bishop is an avid supporter of LGBTI rights.

In March, he showed his support to gay bishops within the clergy, saying: ‘Most gay people would be happier out, including bishops.’

Dr Wilson has also condemned the Church of England’s stance on same-sex marriage in the past, calling it ‘sheer cruelty’ and ‘morally outrageous.’

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