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Bizarre leaflets littered around Sydney say gay men ‘sponke monkeys’

Bizarre leaflets littered around Sydney say gay men ‘sponke monkeys’

Flyers bearing images of same-sex couples in indecent acts, written in Chines, Arabic and English

Homophobic and transphobic leaflets have allegedly been distributed across Sydney suburbs ahead of an election next month.

The flyers, which are written in broken English with Chinese and Arabic translations, instruct residents not to vote for Labor ‘if you do not want your children become homosexuality [sic].’

Star Observer reported the leaflets, with the New South Wales (NSW) elections next month, featured cartoon images of gay people.

r/Syndey users claim to have seen the flyers in Hurtsville and Campsie.

What do the flyers say? 

The flyers list several bizarre reasons Sydney suburbanites should not vote for NSW Labor.

Emblazoned on the top in red is ‘Do not vote Labor.’

‘If you want to protect your family value and future,’ the flyer, posted on the r/Sydney Reddit forum, read.

‘If you do not want the children have 63 genders,’ said another reason.

And most bizarrely, one reason was: ‘If you do not want your children to learn how to sponke their monkeys.’

‘Worried’ parents

Moreover, the flyers feature cartoon images of gay men engaging in intercourse, and even one man masturbating.

As a result, Labor MP for Kogarah Chris Minns told 9News the leaflets were ‘illegally distributed’ and parents should be ‘worried.’

He said: ‘Parents across southern Sydney have every right to be worried that their children have been exposed to these filthy images in their letterboxes.’

It is still unknown who is behind the flyers.

Not the first time 

The strange leaflets are a re-print as they were previously scattered around Sydney during the marriage vote.

They were allegedly seen in Georges River, Bayside, Canterbury-Bankstown and Strathfield areas.

Oddly, the first time they were distributed, the Chinese was accurate but the Arabic and English translations were not.

NSW Labor on LGBTI rights

NSW Labor have a long positive history with LGBTI rights in the Australian state.

As early as 1981, Labor MP George Peterson attempted to legalise consented homosexual acts.

Since then, the party passed legislation to remove discriminatory federal laws inn everything from taxes to health.

Furthermore, they published guidelines for intersex and trans people to list their gender as ‘x’ in their passports.

The majority of Labor MPs have supported marriage equality since 2011, right up until its legalisation in 2017.

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