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Black bisexual man killed by police in his own apartment

Black bisexual man killed by police in his own apartment

Kawaski Trawick

Police killed a black bisexual man in a confrontation in his own apartment in New York.

Kawaski Trawick got locked out of his apartment in the Bronx on 14 April. Afraid the food he was cooking could start a fire, Trawick allegedly started knocking on his neighbors’ doors.

Trawick suffered from unspecified mental health problems

The 32-year-old was living in a building housing people at risk of becoming homeless. Friends also say that he suffered from unspecified mental health problems. They believe that he was having an ‘episode’ that evening.

Others in the building explained that Trawick was knocking on doors and bothering the neighbors and called the 911.

A security guard made one of the calls and told 911 that Trawick was mentally unstable that day. However, officers were not warned that they were responding to an ’emotionally disturbed person’.

What happened?

The City reports firefighters showed up at his building at 10:53pm, broke open his door, verified that there was no fire, and left at 10:59pm.

At 11:06pm, two uniformed police officers arrived and were escorted upstairs to Trawick’s apartment.

They knocked on the door, which was now open. As they entered, they allegedly saw Trawick holding a bread knife and a broom handle.

When they ordered him to drop the ‘weapons’ and he allegedly didn’t comply, they tased him.

He then ‘jumped to his feet and charged at the officers,’ according to the NYPD statement.

One of the officers shot him four times in the chest. Trawick was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead.

His family shunned him because of his sexuality

Trawick’s friend Anthony Smallwood said that he had known Trawick for 13 years.

‘He was fighting a lot, there were a lot of physical fights. His family threw him out because of his sexuality,’ Smallwood told the New York Daily News.

‘He was bisexual. We’re both bisexual. He’s the one that helped me come out.’

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