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Four lessons we learned at European Gay Ski Week

Four lessons we learned at European Gay Ski Week

Blued joined European Gay Ski Week in the French Alps

SPONSORED: The Blued team (Eli: Eli88, Louis: LouisChatten, Sam: Sam9521 and Jordan: JordanRb) were livestreaming at the most recent European Gay Ski Week. Thinking of attending? Here they bring you some advice.

L-R: Louis, Sam, Jordan and Eli
L-R: Louis, Sam, Jordan and Eli Blued

Lesson 1: Bunk-bedding, single-bedding, wash your bedding

Top or bottom bunk? You’ll need to decide as you walk through the doors of your new holiday abode at Les Menuires, the resort town host of the 2017 European Gay Ski Week.

Single? Get ready for an abundance of single beds packed efficiently into small holiday apartments.

Tight quarters mean you’ll need to squeeze, which is, according to science, the best way to keep warm (although we prefer mulled wine). This is if, like us, you travel on a tight budget. Rest assured there are bigger flats, with bigger beds, for bigger groups.

Do remember that wooden chalets look sort of the same, so make sure you don’t end up in someone else’s corner. If you do, just say you were looking for the fondue party. That won’t be creepy, everyone loves cheese. Before you leave, make sure to clean after yourself to get your deposit back.

Lesson 2: No-no to ‘Oui-fi’

European Gay Ski week is (the clue is in the name) a wintery event. Remote. In the mountains. Yep, you’ve guessed it, that means little or no Wi-Fi.

This could prove particularly tricky when, after a long day of before-and-aprés-ski, you must navigate your way back to the hotel.

Another useful tip? Snowy mountains all look alike, so unless you are blessed with a 20/20 eagle eye and an elephant’s memory, we recommend you bring a map with you, so you don’t find yourself having mistakenly crossed the border to Switzerland.

Lesson 3: Bring your speedos

No, we haven’t lost the plot. Gay Ski Week also includes a pool party, in the middle of town, opposite the central bus depot, where the town athletic centre gets taken over by a huge gaggle of gays for one epic splashy party.

Bring your speedos (or don’t, depending what you want to pull in the pool). There are no locals. Even the girl’s locker rooms are invaded. Hot tub, saunas, steam rooms, inflatable balls flying everywhere … You get the picture.

Then there’s the after-party just across the street. Look both ways before crossing the mountain road … in a towel.


Lesson 4: If you can’t ski, just Aprés-ski

Unless you want to smash both your ego and bones down the slopes, we recommend that, if you are not avid skier, you instead attend the Aprés-ski party. It’s a must.

Located outside Tex-Mex (yes, a local Mexican restaurant), you are in for a snowy treat.

Think Pride Parade energy meets Samantha Jones in a ski shop dressing room. Throw in blue wigs (compliments of Blued), drag queens, mulled wine, a giant bumblebee, shameless over excitable go-go dancers (contagious in all the right ways), and you get the perfect show.

Who doesn’t like a sweaty dance at 5pm in tight rubber shorts and a woolly hat? (Sam does)

Book ahead now

Missed out on all the fun this year? Don’t despair, as next year will mark the tenth anniversary of the event, and it is expected to be the biggest ever gathering of LGBT skiers and boarders ever to take place in the alps, with well over 1,000 participants, from 17 to 24 March 2018.

To see all the pics from Gay Ski Week, check Blued Facebook page.

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