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Heading abroad? Blued are partnering with misterb&b to promote safe travel

Heading abroad? Blued are partnering with misterb&b to promote safe travel

Thinking of making a trip? Think about MisterB&B

SPONSORED: Before internet and mobile technology, LGBTQ travellers had a limited range of safe, accessible options aiding their holiday and travel arrangements.

The dangers of safe travel were compounded by historically ‘no go’ areas where homosexuality was at best dangerous and at worst a criminal offence; times are thankfully changing!

Blued, the gay social network app, has partnered with misterb&b, tapping straight into Blued’s mantra of providing a safer environment for the LGBTQ community.

misterb&b is a gay company created in 2014 and originally from France, providing global connection between hosts and travellers with a strong purpose of adding to the LGBTQ community worldwide. Their portfolio of host members totals more than 90,000 through over 130 countries.

Geng Le, founder of Blued commented recently, ‘I am honored to partner with them [misterb&b] to provide safer travel opportunities for our users in China and Europe.’

For Blued, the benefits to their users will include safer travel through trusted hosts and an exclusive monthly voucher for use with misterb&b, along with full access to host stories giving more information about their prospective visits. There will also be upcoming travel guides created by misterb&b on the Blued Blog.

Blued is available on iOS and Android.

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