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I won’t be beaten down by people who think self improvement isn’t body positive

I won’t be beaten down by people who think self improvement isn’t body positive

Last week I wrote a feature entitled ‘17 body positive people who are proud of their journey and not afraid to show it’. The feature celebrated people documenting their body transformations on Instagram and sharing motivational comments.

Soon after I found myself under attack, from strangers and friends, for potentially enabling a damaging message that working on your body for personal well being isn’t body positive.

I completely disagree.

I believe one of the strongest types of body positivity a person can possess is the willingness and dedication to transform, especially through documenting on social media, and become someone you’re 100% happy with.

Let me make myself clear – this is as much a mental transformation as it is physical.

Another thing; if you accept yourself as you are – congratulations, you’re way ahead of others on the path to contentment.

The fact these people have shown what they believe to be their most vulnerable selves to the world, and then their present selves in before and after shots, must be incredibly empowering for them. I deplore anyone who tries to take that away.

I believe these people are body positive because even though they have the desire to change their bodies they also pay respect to their journey and their past by sharing such images on social media. They show the world you can respect your body even if you desire change.

Now, I am on my own body transformation journey, and I’m still not in a place where I feel confident to show before and after shots after working hard for over a year. I absolutely need to work on my body positivity.

Because of this I wanted to celebrate people who do, no matter how small their changes are or have been, and champion them in the hope I one day can be as body positive as them.

I admire people who are completely at home in their bodies, but I am not one of them. So let me celebrate people who are body positive and want to transform.

They exist and shouldn’t be erased.

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