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BoJack Horseman character comes out as asexual, and this is why it’s so important

BoJack Horseman character comes out as asexual, and this is why it’s so important

BoJack Horseman sees Todd come out as asexual

BoJack Horseman has featured a character coming out as asexual, and with it sees the best asexual representation on TV.

Todd Chavez, played by Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, was asked by his girlfriend at the end of season 3 if he was gay after they didn’t have sex.

‘I think I’m nothing,’ was his response.

Season 4 sees Todd officially come out as asexual and accept he feels no sexual attraction.

Later, Todd meets with other aces and learns he could be in a romantic relationship that doesn’t involve sex.

Aces are applauding the rare and educational representative on the Netflix series.

‘There is just so much nuanced and complex self-actualization going on with this character that hits the nail on the head on what my experience has been like,’ one poster wrote on the Asexual Visibility and Education Network forum.

‘It feels like the creators of the show really made an effort with this, either way that episode made me so happy. I think I now understand why people make a big deal about being represented on TV,’ another said.

‘It seems like they really, really did their research and this is probably the best ace representation I’ve ever seen in TV,’ another added. ‘The show is great too and I loved it a lot before but now this just makes me like it even more.’

While some criticized the show for being at times unrealistic, showing Todd easily dating other asexuals, it was still largely praised.

BoJack Horseman makes it easier for asexuals to come out

On Twitter, a user called MickeyRosario29 told the BoJack Horseman actor that Paul’s portrayal has enabled him to finally come out to his mom.

‘I am proud to represent this beautiful community,’ Paul responded. ‘Thanks for watching. Also, send your mother my love.’

The series also sees RuPaul as the queen of a race of subterranean ant people.

BoJack Horseman season 4 is available on Netflix now.