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Bologna’s new law means you’re better off dead

Bologna’s new law means you’re better off dead

Gay and lesbian partners in Bologna, northern Italy, will now have the right to decide whether they are buried together, thanks to a new law passed by the city’s council.

Thanks to local councillor Sergio Lo Giudice, from Partito Democratico and former LGBT association Arcigay’s president, gay couples will be able to manage the ‘post-mortem’ issues.

Lo Giudice proposed the bill, which has now been accepted by the council, and the ‘regolamento di polizia mortuaria’ – the rules on death, burial and cremation – has been modified.

So, gay and lesbian partners will now be able to decide whether they are buried together or not, to ask for cremation or to opt for scattering the ashes.

Lo Giudice said: ‘Before this law, in case of cremation the scattering of ashes could be decided by relatives up to the sixth generation but not by the LGBT partners.’

Italian same-sex couples don’t have any rights or responsibilities by law, but local councils are building up rules and laws to give them power.

‘Bologna’s main cemetery, La Certosa, did not allow the burial of two unmarried partners in the same place. Now, the rules have changed,’ Lo Giudice added.

Bologna is considered one of the ‘gay capitals’ of Italy. In the city center one of the first Italian LGBT associations has been founded, thanks to the council’s help.