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The booziest, sweetest bits from Taste of London

The booziest, sweetest bits from Taste of London

Taste of London: Where bankers, hipsters, backpackers and wanna-be-foodies all unite for the one common goal: Beat others to free samples and buy as many little plates as possible before settling down in the grass in front of a DJ.

Tucked away in central London’s Regent’s Park, the multi-day event sees London restaurants (hence the name) set up tents and tables in the open air to entice walkers by to sample their goods, buy into their selection, visit their restaurants and eventually visit the country where the cuisine hails from.

Being the global city it is, people of all nationalities from Jamaica to Jordan call London their home, and Taste of London reflects just that.

The cultural diversity of London is so obvious in the various stalls at Taste of London that guests are surely left coming to a succulent and scrumptious conclusion: Black or white, Muslim or Catholic, vegan or carnivore, there is a common ground to be found… And it comes in some of the tastiest forms.

Here are our must-see and must-taste hits from the 2014 Taste of London.

Harry Brompton’s Alcoholic London Ice Tea

I read a joke in Time Out recently that while Brits are amazing at tea drinks, they have yet to master an alcoholic version. Long Islands, move aside, a booze revolution is taking over London and it’s being brought by Harry Brompton. Claimed as the world’s only premium alcoholic Ice Tea, Brompton’s combines the aroma of fresh tea with the fizz and shimmy of an alcoholic bevvy. Made with all natural ingredients, Harry Brompton’s is available in Sainsbury’s markets, and is gluten free!

Little Devil Bloody Mary’s

Whether it was the smiling beauties at the stand, the California hip-hop blaring from the speakers, or the temptation of Bloody Mary’s, I was drawn to Little Devil like a moth to the flame. What makes these Bloody Mary’s particularly special, apart from the TLC the ladies put into while making it from scratch, is the special blend of spices and the selection of infused vodkas you can create your drink with. The Little Devil spice mix has the savory, spicy bite no Bloody Mary should be without. The best part? They come in individual carry packages for the plane or on to go when a Bloody Mary craving kicks in.

Taste of Jordan

What do you eat for breakfast? Oatmeal? Coffee? Car fume exhaust? Jordan shared a traditional breakfast plate that was surprising as it was delicious. Fresh and powdery pita, dipped in olive oil, and then dipped some more into a bowl with a green mix of thyme, sesame seeds and sumac. A great example of how the best dishes come from the simplest of ingredients, and how any time is a good time for breakfast foods, no matter where you’re from.

Andre Garrett’s Peanut Butter Parfait

Americans in London, rejoice! One Britain-based chef finally got behind the idea of peanut and jam (that’s they jelly is called in London). Every year, one restaurant outside of London is selected as the out-of-towner at Taste. This year’s winner Cliveden House, is also home to Michelin-star chef Andre Garrett, who this year was also awarded with the best dessert of Taste of London. The winning dessert is layer upon layer of peanut butter mousse, salted caramel and raspberry nuggets. To. Die. For.

Mestizo’s tacos and margaritas by Amathus Drinks

Coming from Los Angeles, I can say it’s hard to find good Mexican good in London. The taste of London has changed my mind. Mestizo served up the best chicken mole and chicken tinga tacos on this side of the Atlantic. The neighboring stands are chilling a selection of Mexican beer, from light lagers to heavy drafts, and Amathus is shaking up sweet and spicy margaritas to beat the band. Take a photo with the Mexican wrestlers before dancing off to the mariachi band.

Chandon bubbles

‘Moet’s naughty littler sister’, we were told by the lovely ladies serving samples of this sparkly beverage. A French champagne with a Latin heart, Chandon originates from Argentina but is manufactured in one of France’s oldest wine factories. Guests are encouraged to throw their glasses into a bin marked Brut or Roset depending on their preferred flavor. Pick up a recipe card with your bottle to create some lush cocktails at home.