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Boston mayor says anti-gay Chick-fil-A doesn’t belong in his city

Boston mayor says anti-gay Chick-fil-A doesn’t belong in his city

Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino is blasting fast food chain Chick-fil-A’s public stance against gay marriage and says its restaurants don’t belong in the Massachusetts city.

‘You can’t have a business in the city of Boston that discriminates against a population,’ Menino tells the Boston Herald in an interview published Friday (20 July). We’re an open city, we’re a city that’s at the forefront of inclusion.’

Earlier this week, Chick-fil-A Chief Operating Officer Dan Cathy said the company is ‘guilty as charged’ when it comes to its opposition to gay marriage. It had donated nearly $2 million to anti-gay groups in 2010 through its charitable arm called WinShape. It also gave more than $2 million to anti-gay groups between 2003 and 2009.

Although it has not apologized for Cathy’s comments, the company attempted to quell the growing controversy on Thursday by vowing to stay out of the political fray from now on.

‘Going forward, our intent is to leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena,’ it stated on its Facebook page. ‘The Chick-fil-A culture and tradition in our restaurants is to treat every person with honor, dignity and respect – regardless of their belief, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender.’

But Boston Mayor Menino is not swayed: ‘That’s the Freedom Trail. That’s where it all started right here. And we’re not going to have a company, Chick-fil-A or whatever the hell the name is, on our Freedom Trail.’