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Boy Erased’s Lucas Hedges ‘just started going to church’ – here’s why

Boy Erased’s Lucas Hedges ‘just started going to church’ – here’s why

Nicole Kidman and Lucas Hedges | Photo: Focus Features

Boy Erased’s Lucas Hedges has revealed he’s started going to church.,

The actor, who last year revealed his sexuality exists ‘on a spectrum’, discussed his faith in a new interview.

During the conversation, he also addressed his insecurities and ‘his need to be liked by people; I’ve always been looking for validation,’ he claims.

Asked if he’s ‘had a lot of therapy’, the star told ES Magazine: ‘Yes, totally, but I find therapy such a limited way of helping. It’s just voicing the things that you’re most ashamed of. The kind of stuff that I’m more into now has to be a practice — I just started going to church.’

‘I go to a very progressive church’

In 2018’s Boy Erased, Lucas of course played a gay teen sent to a religiously-driven LGBTI conversion therapy camp.

Asked if the shoot had put him off religion, Lucas said: ‘Well, especially in America, religion has been so misunderstood and used for all the wrong reasons, but I go to a very progressive church that is aligned with social justice. I had no interest in church until my life became unmanageable.’

Lucas, who’s currently dating his Waves costar Taylor Russell, told Vulture of his sexuality in 2019: ‘I recognize myself as existing on that spectrum: Not totally straight, but also not gay and not necessarily bisexual.’

Addressing the subject with ES, he said his speaking up is: ‘a product of the world I live in, as opposed to my own trailblazing. I’m surrounded by people who all either feel the same or who support that

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