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Boy George to turn tables at Amsterdam’s Milkshake Festival

Boy George to turn tables at Amsterdam’s Milkshake Festival

There’s no denying. Boy George is a trailblazer.

The musician who made a name for himself in the 1980s with an envelope-pushing appearance (the sickest eye make up since RuPaul) and global pop hits (Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?) is scoring yet again on the music scene.

This time, be ready Amsterdam!

On the heels of his latest album This Is What I Do, Boy George has been confirmed as a DJ for Amsterdam’s Milkshake Festival, taking over the city on 20 July.

Festival organizers have confirmed ‘with pride Boy George and Marc Vdeo will spin their magic tunes at the Superbimbo stage during the festival. As if latest musical addition Ultra Naté wasn’t enough, we had to add another star to complete the shake.’

The Milkshake festival, a smattering of gay and straight, young and old, thick and thin, ‘wants to celebrate Amsterdam’s initiatives and is an impetus to bring the courtesy and friendly manners back into society.’

This year’s festival will include performances and appearances by rapper Q-boy, performance artist Jonny Woo along with Miss Kitten, Bob Sinclair and Larry Tee who will set the crowds ablaze rounding up an epic line-up.

Interested? Check out Gay Star Travel for some amazing photos from last year’s festival, chek out the line-up below and click on the links after that for your tickets.

See you there!

Milkshake: For All Who Love…
Date: Sunday 20th of July 2014
Location: Westerpark, Amsterdam
Time: 12:00 – 23:00
Age: 18 – 200 years
Entrance: €42.50 ($59)