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Boy transforms into kickass superhero girl in new kid’s TV show

Boy transforms into kickass superhero girl in new kid’s TV show

The adventures of a boy who transforms into a kickass superhero girl, originally from Australia, is flying across the globe to the US and the UK.

SheZow follows 12-year-old schoolboy Guy Hamdon, who inherits a magic ring from his dead aunt which turns him into his more feminine alter ego.

The ring is only meant to be worn by a woman, and once the transformation has taken place, SheZow devotes her time to fighting crime. She serves up rough justice with a tirade of gadgets, including laser lipstick and vanishing cream.

Like all cartoon heroes she comes complete with a trademark costume. As Superman came with his red cape and Betman with his horned helmet, SheZow battles criminals in a purple skirt and white go-go boots.

The magic words Guy shouts when changing identity are: ‘You go girl!’ emphasizing the gender transformation.

‘When I first heard about the show, my reaction was: “Are you out of your minds?”’ said Margaret Loesch, chief executive of US cable network The Hub to the Los Angeles Times.

‘Then I looked at it and I thought: “This is just funny”.’

Loesch hopes the new cartoon show will help boost ratings for The Hub. So far it has had minor success with hit shows like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

According to the Daily Mail, the show has received very poor reception from right-wing news website Breitbart, with reporter Ben Shapiro saying: ‘Nothing says “child appropriate” quite like gender-bending underage superheroes.’

SheZow has been running on Australia’s Network Ten since December 2012.

It will start airing on The Hub on 1 June and UK satellite channel BSkyB later this year.

Here is the intro to the show: