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This boy’s Tina Belcher costume is adorable and we love his parents encouraging him

This boy’s Tina Belcher costume is adorable and we love his parents encouraging him

Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers

A mother posted her son’s Halloween costume from last year and people are praising her for letting him dress up as a female-identifying character.

Twitter user @_abbybeltran posted a video of her son dressed as Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers on Wednesday (7 May).

‘This is my son, who went through this Tina Belcher obsession & demanded to be Tina for Halloween,’ Abby wrote. ‘So what did we do? Let this dude be the cutest Tina Belcher in the world.’

In the video, seemingly taken at the boy’s school, the mom says his name and receives a big smile in return.

The tweet has so far received over 340,000 likes and nearly 71,000 retweets.

‘I’m just a proud mom who decided to repost my sons Halloween costume,’ Abby posted in a follow-up tweet.

‘His dad & I appreciate all the love we’ve been receiving. We are proud to be this thanos, Mario, bobs burgers & paw patrol loving boys parents. Love & kindness always outweighs the negative 💕’

Bob’s Burgers is an animated television series on Fox. It follows the Belcher family — Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise — and their various adventures, including at the family burger restaurant. Tina, who’s voiced by a man, is the oldest child and fan favorite, obsessed with boys, butts, and horses.

The show occasionally covers more adult content and has bad language, which Abby addressed when someone asked if the show was appropriate for her son.

‘Some episodes aren’t appropriate, you’re absolutely right,’ she replied. ‘We ensured we’d only let him watch the episodes that we as parents decided were okay for him to watch.

‘He is on the spectrum & goes through obsessive phases. This one ended a few months ago.’

All the happy responses

Many people responded with glee and praise for the parents allowing their son the freedom to express himself as he wants.

Other users also shared their own Tina costumes.

Larry Murphy, who voices the character Teddy on the show, also loved the costume.

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