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Brad Pitt is reportedly bisexual

Brad Pitt is reportedly bisexual

Pitt is reportedly bisexual, hooks up with rent boys and has an open marriage with wife Angelina Jolie.

That’s according to a completely unproven report in a tabloid gossip magazine in the US.

Despite the dubious source, the story has already gained traction on the internet where it has been repeated without question by other publications.

Hollywood insider Hesham ‘Sham’ Ibrahim makes the unsubstantiated claims the actor has a history of bisexuality that goes back at least 10 years.

‘I don’t want to define Brad Pitt’s sexuality, but whatever it is, he’s into guys,’ he told Star magazine.

Ibrahim then went as far as to describe two of the actor’s hooks-up.

He said Pitt contacted gay porn star Cameron Fox on and arranged to meet him at a hotel in Monterey, California.

‘When [Cameron] got there, an assistant met him in the lobby and took him to a room. Sure enough, there was Brad Pitt,’ Ibrahim said.

‘Brad took one look at him, gave him a thousand dollars and asked him to leave. Cameron wasn’t as attractive as he appeared to be in his pictures. I guess Brad has picky taste.’

Fox died last year so there is no way to verify the story.

And it should be noted the Star has a reputation for its creativity.

Ibrahim said he had heard it was common that men did not meet his expectations. But when he did find one he liked, he seemed to have a routine down to the last detail.

‘They said he seemed to have the whole scenario pretty much worked out,’ Ibrahim said.

And what does his wife think about all this?

‘As someone who has dated bisexual men, I have to say that having an understanding really is the only way their relationship can last,’ said Ibrahim.

‘They need to accept each other, and, since Angelina is into girls, they do.’