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Brad Pitt says equality 'makes us great'

Hollywood superstar slams press for linking gay marriage with the legalization of marajuana

Brad Pitt says equality 'makes us great'

Movie superstar Brad Pitt says equality is what ‘makes us great’ and criticized the media’s linking of gay marriage with the legalization of marajuana.

The Hollywood A-lister, who with partner Angelina Jolie has been a long time supporter of gay rights, shared his thoughts on the outcome of the recent US presidential elections which say same-sex marriage legislation passed in several states.

‘Equality, absolutely, that’s what defines us. It’s what makes us great,’ he told MTV News.

‘If it doesn’t sit well with your religion, let your God sort it out in the end, but that’s us. We’re equal.’

The Killing Me Softly actor slammed the press for reporting gay marriage alongside the legalization of marajuana.

Pitt said: ‘I do believe that we should be responsible for our own choices in talking about the drug laws, and that the drug war is an ultimate failure and that the billions and billions of dollars that we’ve committed to it, there’s got to be a better way. I don’t believe in incarceration over education — don’t get me started.

‘But there’s real damage to drugs; that is not the same as with gay marriage. Since the last round [of elections], they’ve been linked in every article. I find that curious.’

Pitt has previously said gay marriage is ‘inevitable’ and publicly backed Barack Obama’s campaign to be re-elected President of the United States.

is a well-known fighter for LGBT rights, contributing $100,000 to the campaign to defeat California’s Proposition 8 in 2008.

He played gay United States District Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker in Dustin Lance Black’s play ‘8’, who came out after ruling Prop 8 was unconstitutional.

Some have argued Pitt also played bisexual or gay in the 1994 movie Interview With A Vampire, in which he has an ‘intense’ relationship with Tom Cruise’s character Lestat.