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Brazil allows three parents to be listed on birth certificate

Brazil allows three parents to be listed on birth certificate

A judge in Brazil has made history by allowing a child’s birth certificate to include the names of three parents.

The request came from the child’s biological mother, her female partner, and the biological father.

In May 2013, Brazil became the third Latin American country to allow same-sex marriage. Fernanda Batagli Kropenscki, aged 26, and Mariani Guedes Santiago, 27, have been together for four years. 

When they decided that they wanted a child, they turned to a male friend, Guilherme Canfield Barbosa, 27, to help them. He did so on the agreement that his name would be included on the birth certificate and that he would be recognised as the child’s father. The women married two months ago, and Fernanda subsequently gave birth to a daughter, Maria Antonia, on 27 August.

At a civil court in Santa Maria, the judge, Rafael Pagnon Cunha, noted that the request came about because all involved wanted to ensure the baby girl had a strong network of ‘affection’ and support.

‘Being a father and a mother is above all about taking care and fulfilling tasks,’ he said. ‘I feel sure that for this child the possibility of happiness will be very great.’

It’s believed that this is the first time that a judge in a Latin American country has allowed for three people to be listed on a birth certificate – which will also include the names of all six grandparents.

Homophobic hate crimes remain rife in Brazil. Because they feared repercussions, the three parents declined to speak to the media, but their lawyer, Bernadete Santos, said that they were ‘very happy’ with the decision.