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WATCH: Breathing exercises to help calm anxiety and panic

Simple breathing exercises to help bring instant calm

WATCH: Breathing exercises to help calm anxiety and panic
Pixabay | Public Domain
Breathing exercises can help you to calm down

Anxiety and panic attacks can be truly terrifying for those who experience them. If you are prone to repeated attacks, they can become debilitating and impact greatly on your life.

Discussing them with a trained counselor or psychotherapist might help you to address the root causes or equip you with psychological tools to cope with them. A doctor might be able to offer advice or even medication to help.

There are other things you can do if you feel a bout of anxiety or panic approaching. This includes breathing exercises.

Adopt these into your daily routine to help lessen feelings of stress, or try to remember them if you feel anxiety building.

Below are some of our favorite videos for breathing exercises

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