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Brendon Urie comes out as pansexual: ‘I’m definitely attracted to men’

Brendon Urie comes out as pansexual: ‘I’m definitely attracted to men’

Brendon Urie

Brendon Urie, frontman of Panic! At the Disco, just came out as pansexual.

In an interview with Paper, the I Write Sins Not Tragedies singer said he doesn’t ‘care’ about gender.

He said: ‘I’m married to a woman and I’m very much in love with her. But I’m not opposed to a man because, to me, I like a person.’

Urie continued: ‘Yeah I guess you could qualify me as pansexual because I really don’t care.

‘If a person is great, then a person is great. I just like good people, if your heart’s in the right place.

‘I’m definitely attracted to men. It’s just people that I am attracted to,’ he said.

‘It was never weird for me’

Brendon Urie described how relaxed he has been with his attraction to men in the past.

‘It was never weird for me,’ he said. ‘For our first headline tour, I would go up to Ryan – our guitar player – and like kiss him on the neck or kiss him on the mouth and he would be so mad.’

He then revealed: ‘I would hang out with friends and after five or six beers we’re just kind of like smooching on each other.

‘People just get hammered and fool around,’ he said.

Brendon Urie: Stunning $1m donation to support LGBTI

Brendon Urie recently pledged $1 million (£753,466 €850,408) to support LGBTI rights group Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

The generous donation is part of a newly announced alliance that will establish Gender & Sexuality/Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs led by students in every high school across America.

Urie said in a statement: ‘For years, my fans have inspired me with their determination and creativity as they have created a safe and inclusive community.’

He continued: ‘I felt the time had come for me to join them boldly. To bring that energy and power to bear on the huge challenges facing our whole society.’

While Urie has never been one to shy away from his sexual attraction to men, this is the first time he’s labeled himself as pansexual.

He previously said he’d make out with Ryan Gosling. He also appeared in Charli XCX’s song Boys, to highlight the double standards of depicting men versus depicting women.

The band’s latest album Pray For The Wicked dropped 22 June.

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