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Brent Corrigan condemns James Franco’s King Cobra for ‘bastardising’ the story of his life

Brent Corrigan condemns James Franco’s King Cobra for ‘bastardising’ the story of his life

It seems like adult film star Brent Corrigan — real name Sean Paul Lockhart — isn’t going to be a huge fan of James Franco’s latest gay porn drama, King Cobra, which debuted over the weekend at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival.

Corrigan describes on Twitter that the film is Hollywood’s attempt at bastardising his early days:


Brent Corrigan

King Cobra, which stars ‘a little gay’ Franco along with former Disney celeb Garrett Clayton and Pretty Little Liars actor Keegan Allen, depicts the real life events surrounding the 2007 horrific murder of gay porn tycoon, Bryan Kocis.

Corrigan was previously offered a role in the film but he rejected the offer. In an interview with Str8UpGayPorn (NSFW), Corrigan stayed firmed on his decision, and further revealed that the script isn’t accurate, has ‘loads wrong’ and some important parts are also left out.

‘I chose to stay out of it because it was clear to me they were not trying to make a movie that would serve gay men, the gay adult industry, or any justice with what happened to Bryan, or what I lived through with Grant [Roy].

‘Grant played an integral part of the investigation, was my go-between in my limited engagement with Harlow and Joe, and he worked tirelessly in mediation with Bryan before his death to settle the civil suit out of court… These filmmakers couldn’t even write him a part in the movie.

‘They made it seem like I navigated it all alone, and even went so far to present their version of me as extorting Bryan. I never did that,’ said Corrigan.

He also described the makers of the film as ‘insensitive’ and have no respect for him or anyone involved.

However, Corrigan shared that he would still go watch the film when it comes out in the theatres:

‘Yes, I’ll see it. Likely in the independent theatre with everyone else. I’m stubborn, but still curious.’

And with regards to Franco and the other stars who are on board the film, Corrigan remarked:

‘I find [Franco’s] curiosity with queer culture amusing. Him being a part of this film never made it more enticing to me.

‘When the content and screenplay are so far off base, it doesn’t matter what A-listers are attached to it.’

Watch this teaser to the film: