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Bret Easton Ellis charges he was banned from GLAAD awards

Bret Easton Ellis charges he was banned from GLAAD awards

Writer Bret Easton Ellis and GLAAD are feuding.

The author of Less than Zero and American Psycho went to Twitter and claimed he was banned from the LGBT organization’s weekend ceremony.

‘As a gay man in a domestic partnership who plans to get married I’m sad to hear I’ve been banned by GLAAD from attending tomorrow’s event,’ Ellis tweeted on 19 April.

The following day , he returned to social media and charged the advocacy group threatened him not to make their  dispute public.

‘After GLAAD banned me they told the friend who was bringing me to the event to [warn] "Bret not to go public or  [Tweet] about this decision."’

This past Saturday (20 April) GLAAD  held its Media Awards in Los Angeles. Former President Bill Clinton was given the the Advocate for Change Award, a choice Ellis questioned because of the Defense of Marriage Act and military policy Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Both are products of the Clinton White House.

In a statement to GSN Richard Ferraro, GLAAD’s vice president of communication, dismissed Ellis’ comments as a ‘publicity stunt.’ Ferraro also pointed to the numerous times the writer used Twitter to make disparaging comments about gays and lesbians, specifically those with HIV.

‘GLAAD spoke with the guest who was planning to bring Bret about his recent remarks, which the gay community responded negatively to,’ Ferraro wrote in an email. ‘We also asked for a time to sit down with Bret and planned to invite other leaders in the gay community as well as the HIV/AIDS community. The guest replaced Bret at the fundraiser and there has been no response from Bret regarding the meeting.’