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AGT alum Brian Justin Crum: ‘F**k you Donald Trump, you will not erase us’

AGT alum Brian Justin Crum: ‘F**k you Donald Trump, you will not erase us’

America's Got Talent finalist Brian Justin Crum

America’s Got Talent finalist Brian Justin Crum has a very special message for US President Donald Trump.

‘Fuck you Donald Trump,’ he exclusively told Gay Star News. ‘You will not erase us and you will not silence us.’

Crum then added: ‘My goals as a cisgender white male is to dive into my community and learn how I can be of better service to the queer people of color and trans community.

‘My heart is being pulled to activism and I just want to learn how I can be more of service,’ he said.

Brian Justin Crum
Brian Justin Crum. | Photo: Mark Mendoza

But his political opinions didn’t stop there.

When asked what having a gay president — Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg — would mean to him, he said it would be ‘wonderful’.

‘But I’m finding myself very moved by Elizabeth Warren,’ he revealed. ‘She’s the one getting in there and actually showing her devotion to trans black women and fighting for them.’

He then added: ‘Maybe a Warren/Buttigieg ticket is my dream!’

Brian Justin Crum on the importance of living ‘loud and proud’

Brian Justin Crum shot to fame on the eleventh season of the television singing competition America’s Got Talent. He came in fourth place.

He then competed in America’s Got Talent: The Champions earlier this year.

Crum said it’s now more important than ever to be openly LGBTI. It’s the reason why he’s unapologetically queer in his latest music video, I & U.

‘There is no other option for me,’ he told GSN. ‘Being gay and being as loud and as proud as I possibly can be is the most important part of my artistry. I just hope someone out there is inspired to do the same by seeing my journey.’

Brian Justin Crum
Brian Justin Crum. | Photo: Mark Mendoza

In the new music video, Crum said he’s dressed ‘very femme’ and is also surrounded by strong women.

‘It’s a nod to classic George Michael videos,’ he said. ‘Since the time I was little, the people I felt supported by and celebrated by were women. I wanted this video to showcase these awesome, diverse badass women — looking gorgeous.’

Brian Justin Crum
Brian Justin Crum. | Photo: Mark Mendoza

On the meaning of the song, he then explained it could be based on ‘every relationship that’s ever existed’.

‘It’s that perfect summer breakup song that we all need,’ he said. ‘I & U is about that moment after a relationship ends and we find ourselves longing for it back.’

He then added: ‘No matter how off things felt, how toxic it was… we become almost addicted to our traumas and want to go back for more. The song very humanly expresses this moment and the confusion that comes along with it.’

Watch the video:

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