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Meet Brianna Titone, the woman who could become Colorado’s first trans state representative

Meet Brianna Titone, the woman who could become Colorado’s first trans state representative

40-year-old Brianna Titone could become Colorado's first trans representative

Brianna Titone, a trans woman and self-described ‘political outsider,’ could become Colorado’s first openly trans state representative.

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Titone is running as a Democratic candidate for Colorado House District 27. House District 27 leans Conservative. In fact, Republicans have consistently won in this district by double-digits since 2011’s redistricting.

In terms of Titone’s political experience, she was a county delegate for Bernie Sanders’ 2016 primary run. She also was elected as the treasurer of the Jefferson County LGBTQ+ caucus last year. Her run for District 27 is her first attempt at attaining a more significant political office. Titone realizes she has her work cut out for her and is prepared for this challenge.

Titone believes her door-to-door campaigning could flip the district Democratic come November. She is not alone, though, as she received endorsement from the state’s Democratic Party.

‘We know that the voters are the important people in this election,’ Titone told Westword. ‘It’s not me. I don’t have all the answers. I want to hear their ideas and hear their stories and have those conversations and find out where we have intersections in our beliefs and our goals. The only way to really get there is to have productive conversations.’

Titone was inspired to run following the Republican-led state Senate refused to sign a bill banning conversion therapy in 2017.

‘We need to have more people to understand what these issues really are and not have to rely on special interests and lobbyists to tell them what these things really mean,’ she said. ‘I can actually look at those issues objectively and see what the facts are based on the evidence.’

Outside of politics

In addition to her political work, Titone is also currently completing her second Master’s degree at the University of Denver. By trade, she is a geologist and software developer.

Trans inspirations

Titone, who is 40, began transitioning three years ago. She draws inspiration from the recent ascent of transgender political candidates across the country. Earlier this month, Christine Hallquist won the gubernatorial primary in Vermont. Last year, Danica Roem became the first trans person elected to state office in the US, defeating an anti-LGBTI incumbent.

‘[Danica’s] win was a thumbs-up that it was possible,’ Titone said. ‘I haven’t been a trans person long enough to know how accepted I am in society, I think the culture has changed a lot. I see a lot of young kids, a lot of my friends’ kids, they don’t blink an eye about it. They’re just really accepting, and the culture is changing around it.’

Changing times

Titone grew up in New York but moved to Colorado ten years ago.

‘I kind of grew up in a time where people had to really be closeted about that stuff,’ she said. ‘Times are really changing, and I think that this is the time where people are seeing that marginalized people are productive members of society. We’re no different than anybody else. Our identity really doesn’t matter; we just want to be productive members of society and help make the place better. We exist.’

‘The people that are supporting me are very passionate about what I’m doing and about the issues and my message,’ she continued. ‘When you actually go out there and interact with people and be honest and authentic, which I am every single day. I am my authentic self. People see that, and they respond to that very positively, and we’re going to swing a lot of the unaffiliated voters this year.’