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Bristol Palin has a difficult time keeping son from saying anti-gay slur (UPDATED)

Little Tripp Palin uses anti-gay slur on mother's reality show (UPDATED)

Bristol Palin has a difficult time keeping son from saying anti-gay slur (UPDATED)

In US reality show news, Bristol Palin’s son knows at least one anti-gay term.

Life’s a Tripp follows Palin as she tries to raise her only son. The small lad is the grandson of former Governor Sarah Palin. In the below clip, he’s angry with his aunt for some reason, and calls her an anti-gay slur. Both adults in the room are shocked, and amused, by the language.

‘I’m doing a terrible job disciplining Tripp,’ Bristol Palin notes.

The writers over at  Gawker wonder how the episode is playing in the Lifetime offices, the channel that produces the show.

‘Look, kids say the darndest things, and it’s kind of funny when a child curses. But there’s a difference between a precocious utterance of "fuck" and a homophobic slur. The complete lack of shame is especially embarrassing given that there were cameras filming it all — gay-friendly Lifetime cameras, no less.’

The program is having a difficult time finding an audience. As reported by the Washington Post, it was dropped from the coveted 10 PM EST time slot, and its mid June debut drew only 726,000 viewers.

(UPDATE: 23 June) According to Matt Lutz, the program’s showrunner, Tripp does not utter an anti-gay term. He only curses. As reported by Gawker, ‘Lutz says that he was in the room at the time, and that he has reviewed the raw footage several times.’


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