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British 18-year-old found guilty of murdering 52-year-old man he met on Grindr

British 18-year-old found guilty of murdering 52-year-old man he met on Grindr

Ben Bamford guilty of murdering Paul Jefferies

A British teen has been found guilty of murdering a 52-year-old by slashing his throat after meeting him on Grindr.

Ben Bamford, 18, inflicted more than 40 injuries during a ‘sustained’ attack on senior tax officer Paul Jefferies in the latter’s home in east Sussex.

The 52-year-old was found naked with a dish towel covering his head on his blood-covered kitchen floor.

Lewes Crown Court heard how Bamford and Jeffries had met on the gay dating site when the teen was 15, two years before the killing. The two talked again in December 2015 following a break and were planning to meet.

Jefferies had moved to Sussex from London about five years before his death following the end of a relationship.

Bamford was in debt to a drug dealer, and was being pressured to give him around £400, according to The Telegraph.

Text exchanges between Bamford and the dealer, named Glen, were read out in court.

‘I’m not happy,’ one message said on the day of the killing. ‘On my boy’s life, I will see you today’.

Prosecutors had accused Bamford of robbing Jefferies in an attempt to get the money to pay back the dealer on 23 February of this year. The murder then happened later that day.

Following the killing, Bamford took Jefferies car and went to Eastbourne District General Hospital where he was admitted for treatment to his injured head and arm. A photograph was taken of him showing a middle finger to the camera.

Bamford denied murder, claiming he was acting in self-defense as Jefferies had come on to him. Jurors convicted him after deliberating for three hours.

The judge adjourned sentencing until tomorrow, as a ‘little time for reflection’ was needed as Bamford was just 17 when he murdered Jefferies.