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British actress claims being raised by two gay women ruined her life

British actress claims being raised by two gay women ruined her life

A British actress raised by two mothers has gone on an attack of gay parents, claiming they are taking a ‘chance’ on an innocent life.

Hetty Baynes, the former wife of Ken Russell and star of The Casual Vacancy, has used her experience of being raised by two women to attack lesbian broadcaster Mary Portas.

The shop guru, who has a two-year-old son with her wife Melanie Rickey, said for her that ‘motherhood is better without men’.

Baynes, for her part, said having two mothers was ‘scandalous’ back in the 1950s and 60s. After her mother left her dad, her new partner Mary became the ‘man of the house’.

‘Mary described us as "we three". They held hands, kissed on the lips and behaved just like man and wife,’ the actress writes.

‘I was not raised to question it — this was a normal, happy childhood, with the inevitable ups and downs, but plenty of love.’

But while it seemed happy, Baynes claims all ‘unconventional parental relationships end up being hotbeds for resentment and jealousy that cause irreparable long-term damage to children’.

While she was happy at the time, with her mother and Mary moving to be closer to the Royal Ballet School for her training, she claimed at 15 that she developed clinical depression and anorexia.

‘It was almost as if I carried their shame and acted it out in a self-destructive way,’ she said.

After going to see a therapist, Baynes remembered at the age of four catching her mother and Mary in bed together.

She then believed that because she was raised by two women, at a time when homosexuality was taboo, it led to a ‘life of confusion and lack of emotional security’.

So in a final statement to Portas, she said: ‘So by all means roll the dice, ladies and gentlemen, but don’t kid yourself about the fact you are taking a chance with an innocent life.’

The article has been attacked online.

Alice Arnold wrote: ‘Hettie is clearly screwed up…bringing Mary Portas into it is despicable’.

Patrick Strudwick said: ‘Grotesquely homophobic drivel by @HettieBaynes in the Mail today, pandering to every bigoted stereotype about gay parents. Shameful.’

And Karen Farley said: ‘What a damaging and misleading article! You were not raised by two mums. You came from a broken marriage!’